Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker

Geoffrey Sax (U.K., 2006, 93 min.)

In this adaptation of the bestselling kids book by Anthony Horowitz, young Alex Rider (Alex Pettyfer) discovers that all his life, he's been a secret agent in training. After his uncle's funeral, Alex finds out that his uncle was an MI6 agent, and that he has been unwittingly groomed to follow in his uncle's footsteps, with language skills and fighting lessons that he thought were just hobbies.

When he follows a suspicious character he spotted at the funeral to Liverpool Street Station, he spots the man going into a photobooth. When the flashes go off and a different person emerges from the booth, he knows something is up and heads into the booth himself. After inserting a pound coin, Alex poses for a photo, and then finds himself zipped away as the stool slides to the right and into a cavernous passageway on a set of rails. The stool on wheels rolls into MI6 headquarters, and Alex discovers his fate, just in time to save England from Darrius Sayle (Mickey Rourke). At first, he's none too happy, saying "Please put me back in the photobooth and show me the way out." But eventually, he comes around, and saves the day.

Contributed by Brian

Alex passes by a photobooth as he follows his target.
The man in the trenchcoat approaches the booth.
The flash goes off...
...and a woman leaves the booth.
Alex approaches the booth.
Alex finds the booth empty.
Where'd the man go?
Alex takes a seat in the booth.
What to do?
Ah, pop in a pound.
Flash goes off.
And the booth begins to move.
Into the secret passageway...
And away he goes.
As he readies to leave, he sees another man leave on the stool.
As Alex talks to Mr. Blunt (Bill Nighy), we see the stool at the ready.
Meanwhile, Alex's nanny Jack (Alicia Silverstone, perhaps remembering her days in another photobooth) looks for Alex.