Photobooths in Commercials

Photobooths make appearances in many television commercials , but they're fairly difficult to capture. The TV commerials we've managed to capture are featured here, as are notes on other appearances we've seen but have yet to capture.

In just six months of 2004 alone, we spotted four different television commercials selling cars, cell phones, pet supplies, and food, all using a photobooth to hawk their wares. Are photobooths making a comeback? Are they the new "it prop"?

The trend has continued into 2007, with more commercials using real and fabricated photobooths to capture whatever combination of youth, spontaneity, and nostalgia companies hope to associate with their products.

Keep your eyes peeled for more photo booths on TV.

If you spot something, please let us know by sending any sightings, ideas, or memories to us. Thanks!

Sightings not yet captured: