Let's Have Dinner Together

A commercial for Hamburger Helper

Aired 2004, US

"Cheese!" "Cheese!" Mr. Hamburger Helper sits in a photo booth and mugs (hands?) for the camera. "If your family loves, cheese, they'll love the taste of real cheese in Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni! Let's have dinner together!" Photobooths get some serious exposure with this ad, as the photos almost drip out of the machine, and we immediately cut to an almost nauseating image of gooey beef and cheese being ladled idly in front of the camera. Brilliant!

Thanks to Aimee and her TiVo for the captures.

Contributed by Brian

"Cheese!" That Hamburger Helper, he's such a card.

The camera pulls in towards the photo booth, and the flash goes off.
As though they were printed on a roll of receipt paper, the photos ooze their way out of the drying slot.
The logistics of a hand operating a photo booth were probably a secondary consideration, I guess.
The last of the photos slide out, just as...
...a massive pot of Hamburger Helper steams up the screen.