Pet Treats

A commercial for Target Pets

Aired 2005, US

This thirty second spot for Target is set to a clip of "Me and My Shadow," performed by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. The camera quickly shows a number of people and their pets, each showing a marked resemblance to one other, including a woman who takes her cat into a photobooth.

The ad is viewable online using the "Channel Red" Flash viewer.

Thanks to Aimee for spotting this and TiVoing for us.

Contributed by Brian

The sequence starts with a view from above of a classic photobooth sign.
The camera moves down to show the photobooth and curtain.
The flash lights up the booth.
The pet owner and her cat, mostly out of the picture.
Like I said, all the owners and their pets in this commercial resemble one another.
Smile for the camera.