A commercial for Cingular

Aired 2005, US

In this commercial, which I first spotted in July, 2004, a father intent on keeping tabs on his daughter's whereabouts, keeps popping up during all of her activities: ballet lessons, a school dance, and in a photobooth while she's out with a boy. The lesson: get the new FamilyTalk plan from Cingular and you can constantly call her instead.

Contributed by Brian

The first five seconds of the commercial take place in a photobooth. As it opens, we see the young couple posing, from an inside-the-booth persepctive.
The flash goes off, and the camera captures their smiles.
Another pose, another flash.
Then, out of nowhere, up rears dad's head.
The flash goes off, and dad seems right at home.
Dad looks around, and daughter is disappointed.
With that teenage eye-rolling look, the girl draws the curtain open, and the photos are magically ready, sticking out of a slot at the side.
Dad leaves too.
The boy leaves last, and picks up the photos on the way.
More eye-rolling, and we're off to the next episode of "Dad's always following me around."