Photobooths in Movies


Still Life (3/10/24)
When We Were Bullies (3/10/24)
Bryan Ferry: Don't Stop the Music (3/10/24)

Photobooths have been featured in countless films (though that doesn't stop us from trying), from the 1960s, when they were commonplace, through the '80s, when they were kitschy, to the '90s and into the present, when they've come back into fashion in a big way. Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 2001 film Amélie is certainly the film that features photobooths most prominently, and perhaps the only feature-length film to tie photobooths directly to its plotline. But booths have been featured in many other films, and we have catalogued as many as we have found in this section of the site.

When searching for photobooths in cinema online, a number of more obscure films are mentioned, so if any readers have access to these films, a note would be greatly appreciated. Also, for some reason, the Joel Schumacher film Phone Booth is mistakenly referred to as Photo Booth on a number of websites, which leads to a lot of false leads. The shop where Robin Williams's character works in the film One Hour Photo is also mistakenly referred to as a "photo booth." The widespread appearance of references to these films makes searching for legitimate instances of photo booths in cinema a little more difficult.

Photobooths also figure prominently in television shows, music videos, and commercials, and we've noted those appearances as well. Thanks to all of our contributors who have informed us of interesting appearances, sent us video clips, TiVo'ed commercials, and otherwise lent a hand to the effort. Please feel free to contribute a movie or TV show if you see something we're missing.

Thanks, and enjoy!