Darren Stein (US, 1999, 87 min.)

In this attempt at a black comedy set in the world of snobby teens - a world that has been better depicted in other films - three girls accidentally murder a fourth classmate, with only the class geek as a witness. In the opening scene of the film, the victim, Liz Purr (Charlotte Ayanna) is seen in her bedroom, where we see two strips of photos stuck in the mirror, where they belong.

A minute or two later, when we see the opening credits, those photos (or some similar ones) scroll by in a scrapbook montage. Then, later in the film when the girls return their friend's corpse to her room, Julie (Rebecca Gayheart) takes a moment to reflect, a quality that will lead her to betray her murderous friends in the end. She sits at the desk near the mirror, and we see the same photostrips again.

Interestingly enough, Charlotte Ayanna, whom we don't see much of in this film, heads into a photobooth in Love the Hard Way, which, like Jawbreaker, also happens to feature Pam Grier as a cop. Will wonders never cease...

Thanks to Sean for the tip on this film.

Contributed by Brian

Photostrips of the four friends sit in Liz's mirror.
The credits roll.
Julie (Gayheart) mourns while Courtney (Rose McGowan) is busy arranging the body.