Ne te retourne pas

Marina de Van (France, 2009, 111 min.)

In this mind-bending drama/thriller, our heroine (played at various times by Sophie Marceau and Monica Bellucci) goes on a late-in-life journey of self-discovery when she comes across a mysterious photo in her mother's desk. Given that one of the film's main themes is identity, it is only fitting that photostrips adorn many of the walls seen in many of the interior shots.

For those of you following along at home, the photostrips below appear at the following points: 1:26, 1:40, 3:07, 14:10, 19:19, 22:51, 27:04, 39:31.

Contributed by Tim

Some photostrips on the bathroom mirror seen during the opening credits.
Another strip(s) seen on the wall.
More strips.
While not a photostrip, per se, this wall decoration, seen in the office of the main character's editor, certainly evokes the feeling of a strip.