Super Size Me

Morgan Spurlock (US, 2004, 100 min.)

In this Oscar-nominated documentary, director Morgan Spurlock takes a look at the fast-food industry and its impact on the health of Americans by using his body as a veritable laboratory. He consumes McDonald's products three meals a day for a month, with periodic checkups with various health care professionals. He also includes interviews with writers, scientists, and McDonald's enthusiasts, and presentations of statistical information regarding the effects of fast food on the human body.

A photobooth strip makes a very brief appearance in the film, sitting beside a computer monitor displaying the McDonald's web page for Nutrition Facts for Popular Menu Items.

Contributed by Brian

I assume the photobooth where Morgan and his girlfriend Alexandra Jamieson (a.k.a. "Healthy Chef Alex") snapped these photos is somewhere in Manhattan. It has the complexion of the booth at Otto's Shrunken Head (ne Barmacy).