Mario Camerini (Italy, 1939, 87 min.)

Italian star Assia Noris and American John Lodge (of the Massachusetts Lodges, and later governor of Connecticut) starred in this Italian romance which features a photobooth scene. Noris spots the machine, shouts "photomaton!" and goes over to take a set of photos.

After Noris is directed how to sit by the attendant, Lodge squeezes in next to her and the flash goes off for the first time. For the next three photos, Lodge shouts out an emotion they should embody before each exposure: "sorpresa" (surprised), "serio" (serious), and "arrabbiata" (angry). The resulting strip contains five photos, and appears a few more times, in Noris's hand, throughout the rest of the film.

Made in 1939, the film comes in as one of the earliest to use a photobooth, just a decade or so after it was invented.

Contributed by Brian