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What's the difference between a Classic and a Digital Photobooth?

A classic photobooth generates a thin strip of four poses measuring 1.5" wide by 8" tall and employs a chemical process to create its photos. A digital photobooth prints to various sizes of media, but most often to a 4" x 6" sheet. Digital photobooths typically allow for more versatility -- you can choose color or black and white, add a message or logo to the photos, and keep a digital copy of the photos.

Classic Photobooth Strip

Digital Photobooth Photos

Classic photobooth advantages: the original, nostalgic process; longer lasting photos

Digital photobooth advantages: less expensive, more versatile, photos can be transferred to digital media

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Photobooth pricing varies based on event location, time of rental, and type of booth you are renting. In general, a classic photobooth starts around $1500 and can go as high as $3000 for a 4 hour rental. Digital photobooth pricing varies considerably from vendor to vendor, but prices usually start at $1000.

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