Music and the Photobooth


Games For Girls (3/23/24)
Big Smash (3/3/24)
Songs I'll Eat You Out To (3/3/24)

Co-curator: Mr. Mixup

Photobooths and music go together like...well, like photobooths and any other aspect of popular culture; that is to say, very nicely, in many different creative ways, and throughout a range of styles and eras.

As often as photobooths are found in dive bars and music clubs, their influence is felt in the world of music, from album covers and song lyrics to music videos. Musicians from Robert Johnson and Elvis Presley to Iggy Pop and Dave Navarro have photographed themselves in the booth. Many an artist has used photobooth photos, sometimes one, sometimes many, as the cover of an album, capturing the musician in an intimate moment or featuring a host of anonymous faces. Like their cousins movies and television shows, music videos feature surprising and ingenious (and cliched...) appearances by photobooths and the strips they produce. Some of the photobooth cameos are even tied to the lyrics of the songs themselves, where photobooths and photostrips are often called on to lend an air of nostalgia, intimacy, and longing to a song.

This section of is curated with the invaluable assistance of Mr. Mixup, whose Photobooths in Pop is the source of many of our finds, and who has been following photobooths in music longer than either of us has been following photobooths or music.

As always, we appreciate your comments and contributions. If you know of a song, and album, or a video that features a photobooth, please let us know and we'll be happy to add your contribution to the site.