Photobooths in Song


Photobooth (11/21/21)
Teddy I'm Ready (9/9/21)
Photo Booth (1/12/21)

As far back as the early 1980s, singers have referred to photobooths in their lyrics, or even written entire songs about photobooths. The booth can be a source for goofy photos, a nostalgic nod to the past, or just another machine found in a subway station.

In recent years, photobooths have garnered mentions in more and more songs by major artists from U2's "Miami" ("Getting hot in a photo booth... Miami") to Beck's "I Think I'm in Love" ("Take a little picture in a photobooth/Keep it in a locket and I think of you/Both of our pictures, face to face/Take off your necklace and throw it away"). An entire sub-category of songs with "Photobooth" in the title have cropped up as well, led by Death Cab for Cutie's track from 2000.

We have assembled a list of songs whose lyrics or titles feature the photobooth, with an obvious emphasis on more recent works. We invite you to contribute songs or lyrics you don't see here.