Nick Cannon Nick Cannon (Jive Records, 2003)

Yo, let's do this for the grown folks

Broken glass everywhere
We hit the 6 in the mornin' like we just don't care
Girl who you rollin' to the club with you
Girl who you turnin' all them bottles with you
Girl who you rollin' on them dubs with you
Girl who you freakin' in the tub with you ...

All up into woman keep layin' next to me
Cannon the kid that make skinny sexy
Sexes hefty and ma's with lefty
Saw a Puerto Rican mami and she wanna bless me
A chick named Leslie others connected me
He gave her the two-way and she keep on textin me
I'm from Texas named Lexas
Shorty only want me cuz she like my necklace
But when I'm in town its bed and breakfast
I thought you knew there's a few on my checklist
Girl in the photo-booth with a gold tooth
Dane's the truth said her name was Ruth
So I pondered to what she often do
Says she like Proton Boots and Ajam Maju
Respect this don't get it to wreckless
Cuz u could be the next chick on the checklist...

Contributed by Brian