Professor Green Photographs (Relentless Records, 2018)

We all thought we'd live forever
We all thought that the moments would last
But the moments don't last, the moments pass
And the only thing that lasts is the photograph
But what about the pictures we didn't take?
What about the moments that we forget?
What about the memories that we've lost?
That only leave you full of feelings and regret
Over the people we neglected
And the time we took for granted
When all you can do is close your eyes
And hope that the memories develop in the darkness
Like photos do, I wish I had a time-machine and a photo-booth
I know to grow I've got to learn to let go
But I just wish that I had something I could hold on to

Wish that I took more photographs of us
Said goodbye, now our love's collecting dust
Just a memory of you is not enough
I wish that I took more photographs of us
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
I wish that I took more photographs of us

Contributed by Brian