Canaan Smith Bronco (Mercury Nashville, 2015)

I remember how you stuck your hand in mine
Where we were on the boardwalk
When I stuck that five in a jar
For the tikibar band to play

Gettin' stuck with you in that photo booth
We stuck that picture in a bottle
I bet it's probably still floatin' down there in the Chesapeake bay
Yeah that's a hell of a memory we made

'Cause you're still stuck in my head like the song they played
That night when the cool Virginia beach rain
Soaked us both down to the bone, yeah, but we just kept on dancin'
Your shirt stuck to your skin, I was stuck to you
All night long baby, barely kept my cool cause I never wanted anybody else that much
That's where I'm still stuck, stuck stuck stuck stuck
Yeah, that's where I'm still Stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck

Contributed by Brian