Mary's Song

The Aislers Set Terrible Things Happen (Slumberland Records, 1998)

I was darkened by the sin
Wasted hour closing in on a lovely day
I got up before the freeway
And I got up and set my clock
River up the street and down the block got faster and
I wished I got the nerve to ask her what she thought
About why Portland skies are gray
Why'd you want to see it every day
When you know there's kids
Starving in Alaska for the sun.
By the way, can I come?
I swear I won't be a burden.

Eight o'clock came cruel today
Can we just lie here instead of leaving?
You and me and Key had tea there in the kitchen
and I was cold.
I got up and got my coat,
Kissed you three times and winged it home
with a smile wider than my arms
could stretch in E minor. Don't go
I could know you better I know.
And the photo booth memory's a ghost
Japanese stickers, a toast,
How I could kiss you every mile of the west coast
So Julie, Julie, Jules, can I have a whiskey
because she got in a car and she never came home
Hello all my friends, can I have a whiskey
'cause I won't drive far anyway
Not since I have to go home that way,
By the scene of the getaway, hey hey...
Hey, hey, hey

Geography and biology
Just basically don't mesh for me...

Contributed by Brian