Sean Na Na Family Trees Or: CoPe We Must (Dim Mak Records, 2007)

Which beast among you feels most confident
To slowly rip my body limb from limb

Lately I've been prone to giving in
But now I'm ready for my resurrection

I'll come oh three days down the line
Do that party trick where I make wine

While I'm up there ridin' on that high
Your confidence - yeah - gives sight to the blind

Maybe I'm not really here at all
Like the shadow of that teenage kid who watched me sleep in St. Paul

I should give him a call
I should give him a call

Here we stand to lay to final rest
A brother, friend, and child only to the best
Gathered here to serve his one last request
Let the photobooth capture your distress

Everyone put on your saddest eyes
Like to make us feel we know you're still alive
After you have yourself a good cry
Laugh, yeah, spread the ashes far and wide

Hold the picture close to your heart
Let it fill your darkest days because we'll never part
We're a work of art
We're a work of art

Contributed by Brian