Jennifer Johnson & Me

Robert Earl Keen West Textures (Sugarhill, 1989)

Deep in the pocket, of an old sport coat jacket
I chanced to discover an old memory
Three for a quarter, a black and white portrait
Taken of Jennifer Johnson and me

I'm in the corner, my shirt collar open
Like some Latin lover, on late night TV
Smiling right there with her head on my shoulder
It's Jennifer Johnson, and she's lookin' at me

It must have been summer, Nineteen Sixty Seven
The Beatles were singing "Love Is All You Need"
I held her hand as we walked through the arcade
Two young believers on a three dollar spree

Three for a quarter a black and white portrait
Jen, close the curtain so no one can see
Hey kiss me quick, 'cause the red light is flashing
It's flashing on Jennifer Johnson and Me

Waiting on that late night train back to home
I felt her warm, in the cool evening breeze
Told her I'd probably love her forever
Forever for Jennifer Johnson and Me

Though it never mentions a photobooth, this song captures the experience perfectly, both of taking the photo in the first place - "...kiss me quick, 'cause the red light is flashing" - and of finding the photo again years later, an "old memory."

Contributed by Brian

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