Mig og mafiaen

Henning rnbak (Denmark, 1973, 97 min.)

I first came across this film looking up "fotoautomat" on IMDb. The search resulted in a hit for a film with a character named "Mand ved fotoautomat," which I took to mean "man in the photobooth." When I got a copy of the movie and started watching it, it seemed familiar to me, though I was sure I'd never seen it.

As I got to the photobooth sequence, it all fell into place: Mig og mafiaen is an almost shot-for-shot remake of Ooh... You Are Awful, down to the moment the lead takes a photo of the tattooed rear end of his dead partner's girlfriend in a photobooth...

Why there is a Danish remake of a Dick Emery film I'll never know, but it does give us a nice look at a Danish Snap-Foto booth circa 1973.

Contributed by Brian