De l'amour

Jean Aurel (France, 1964, 90 min.)

This film described in the opening titles as "under the influence of Stendhal" and starring nouvelle vague icon Anna Karina features a wonderful photobooth sequence. Its discovery, thanks to "Les Matons" of Paris, makes one wonder just how many other iconic photobooth sequences remain undiscovered.

Joanna Shimkus, a Canadian-born actress and since 1976, the wife of Sidney Poitier, joins actor Jean Sorel in a beautiful old photobooth to get out of the rain. In the narration, we hear Sophie give Werther a chance to kiss her, counting "one, two, three," and after he doesn't kiss her, it's all over between them.

The narration is translated as "When a woman makes things easy, too bad for the one who doesn't understand." She leaves without waiting for the photos to arrive in the drying slot.

Contributed by Brian