The Constant Gardener

Fernando Meirelles (Germany/UK, 2005, 129 min.)

A beautifully shot adaptation of John le Carr's thriller by the same name, The Constant Gardener does its part to proliferate the cinematic photostrip. Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes), a British diplomat to Kenya, learns early in the film that his wife, Tessa (Rachel Weisz), has been killed. As the plot unfolds, and Tessa's death looks less and less accidental, Justin begins to investigate his wife's affairs in hopes of finding out the true cause of her death.

The photobooth appearance in this film requires nary a mention, and I barely caught it as I watched this film. As Justin's friend and co-worker Sandy Woodrow (Danny Huston) rifles through one of Tessa's desk drawers we catch a glimpse of a photostrip. Neither person in the photostrip looks like any major character in the film. Later in the film, Justin returns to the UK for some fact-gathering and there is a short scene in a subway station. Here we see a photobooth in the background. It isn't an old-school 4-pose booth, but it is a chemical booth, and as such I decided to include it.

Contributed by Tim

This quick glimpse of a photostrip appears around the 45 minute mark. Curiously, the two figures in the photostrip are unknown to the viewer.
Around the 1:05 mark, we are treated to a London Underground photobooth.