Ridley Scott (US, 2001, 131 min.)

Hannibal Lecter is back in this lackluster sequel to Jonathan Demme's brilliant Silence of the Lambs. Julianne Moore takes on the role of Clarice Starling, and we find Hannibal Lecte living in Florence, Italy. Lecter is pursued by a victim he disfigured years ago. Clarice, in trouble with her FBI employers, is being used as bait for Lecter, who comes to the United States. As Clarice hunts down Hannibal in DC, he talks to her on the phone as she closes in on his location. She heads inside Union Station, and as she wanders the halls, trying to figure out where Lecter is, he is busy trying to avoid other pursuers, as well.

As Hannibal tells Clarice she's getting colder as she moves away from the carousel (there's a carousel in Union Station?), we hear the flash of a photo booth and even see the flash on Clarice's face, from all the way across a giant room. As Clarice looks towards the two most powerful and loudest photo booths in existence, the flash goes off once again, and she heads over, thinking Hannibal is inside. She opens the curtain, only to find a pair of shoes, sitting on top of a Gucci shoebox.

Contributed by Brian

We first see Clarice through the open curtains of one of two photo booths located at the entrance to Union Station.
After wandering around with no luck, we see and hear (?) the photo booth flash going off from across the cavernous space, and so does Clarice.
The flash in the left photo booth goes off as the extras scurry by.
Clarice nears the booth, hoping to find Hannibal inside.
But when she pulls back the curtain, she's left disappointed.
A nicely-displayed pair of shoes is all she finds. Watch the movie for the significance of this turn of events.