Carnival of Souls

Herk Harvey (U.S., 1962, 91 min.)

Carnival of Souls wins the award for most oblique, obscure photobooth appearances in a film. In one brief shot that lasts just a few seconds, one edge of a photobooth can be seen behind a Williams Titan shooting game.

From the sign on the end of the booth that reads "Take your own miniature portraits, Photos in 2 1/2 minutes," the "N" of "OWN," the "S" of "PICTURES," and the "S" of "MINUTES" are barely visible. If you look even more closely, you can see the drying slot at the right edge of the booth.

Update, 2/17/21: A second, similarly obscure photobooth appearance has been spotted in Carnival of Souls, this time a Photomatic machine in the distance at the back of the cavernous rain station, spotted by Christian.

Contributed by Brian, Christian