Photobooths in Television


Tatort (8/30/22)
The Spy Who Died Twice (5/23/22)
The Outlaws (5/19/22)

Photobooths have made appearances in television shows ranging from "The X-Files" to "The Simpsons" (Richard Lester, meet Rupert Murdoch) over the past thirty years.

Television producers don't usually have as much time or money to invest in their set designs and props as do film producers; this applies to photobooths as it would anything else, and photobooths in television shows are often faked, or seen only from the exterior. Many of the appearances here are also simply uses of photostrips, rather than appearances by photobooths.

Around the time the site launched in early 2005, photostrips began cropping up in many new television shows, perhaps a result of our closer scrutiny but also likely a product of the renewed interest in photobooths and the kind of immediate power photobooth photos possess.

This page will feature all of the TV appearances we've captured, as well as some (unsubstantiated) rumors regarding other photobooth appearances.

Unconfirmed Appearances: