Arrested Development: "The B. Team"


Aired May 26, 2013 (Season 4, Episode 4)

After a 7-year hiatus, Arrested Development is back. We were curious to know if they would bring a photobooth back this season, and they didn't disappoint.

While drinking at a bar, Michael (Jason Bateman) steps into a photobooth with a woman he does not know. When he ends up with the photostrip, he sees her tattoo and realizes she is Rebel Alley (Isla Fisher), a woman he believes to be Ron Howard's girlfriend. In a meta-narrative twist that would only really work on this show, we are told by the narrator (Ron Howard) that Rebel is actually Ron Howard's daughter (on the show, not in real life.) (Get it?)

In another signature move, the resulting photostrip pays homage to the show's only other photobooth appearance, 2004's Season 1, Episode 15. In that episode, Buster has an unfortunate encounter in a photobooth with (spoiler) a sheep. The same sheep that appears in the 4th frame of this episodes photostrip.

We like to think our shaming of their obviously fake strip last time around contributed to their properly proportioned this time. They even got the number of frames correct. We've taken the liberty of re-creating the actual strip for your viewing enjoyment.

Contributed by Matt Brock

Backing in.
Falling in.
Close the curtain.
Obscured view.
Checking out the strip for the first time.
Studying the tattoo on her back.
The reveal (top half).
Bonus: full strip.
While on the topic of photobooths -- check out the Michael Bluth section of the opening credits -- that sure looks like the bottom half of a photostrip in the top-right.