Peppa Pig: "The Perfect Day"


Aired February 17, 2020 (Season 6, Episode 28)

From the Peppa Pig Wiki:

"Suzy shows a funny photostrip of herself and Peppa laughed. She asked Suzy how she did it. So Suzy showed her a photo booth. So Peppa, George and Suzy when inside. Suzy Put a coin inside they started taking a photo. Peppa says the camera is not working but she missed the photo but Suzy tells there s more but Peppa missed it again. They Suzy deiced to do let Her, Peppa and George do a funny face. They daddy entered and asked is it over but then another photo has been taken and daddy pig says he might be in the last photo. They all laughed

They the picture come out and Peppa looked at all the funny faces and laughed. Suzy wanted to go again but daddy pig says we need to pick up Mummy Pig. When Peppa pig came, she asked Mummy if she had a perfect day and said yes. Peppa told Mummy, they took the Magic Stair, saw Suzy and did some funny pictures. Mummy says what a nice time Peppa and Suzy had."

A perfect day, indeed!

Contributed by Walter Forsyth