Emily's Reasons Why Not?: "Pilot"

Directed by Michael Patrick Jann, USA

Aired January 9, 2006 (1)

In what has to be, by definition, the briefest run of any television show in history, "Emily's Reasons Why Not?" premiered on ABC January 9, 2006, and was promptly cancelled before another episode was allowed to air. ABC explained that not enough people tuned in to the program, despite their insane marketing expenditures, and though the show still has a home on the ABC website, but Episode 2 is still "TBD."

Anyway, in its brief, glorious tenure, the show as considerate enough to spend a good minute or so on an extended photobooth sequence, in which Emily and her new boyfriend, Stan, visit a boardwalk photobooth and take two strips, at least - the flash goes off eight times. The strip returns, per tradition, later in the episode, when Emily tries to make an ex-boyfriend jealous by displaying the photostrip. Needless to say, it doesn't work - much like the whole show.

Contributed by Brian

Stan steps out to check on the progress of the photos.
The flash goes off for the first time.
Photobooth goofing begins here, and continues through the rest of the scene.
The couple leaves the booth and heads down the boardwalk.
Later in the show, Emily grabs the strip when her old boyfriend starts to make a pass at her.
Emily waves the photostrip in front of Reese (Mark Valley) to prove that she's moved on.
Reese contemplates while Emily explains.
Reese is highly amused by Emily's boyfriend's supposedly manly sport, and Emily loses again.