My Name is Earl: "Our 'Cops' Is On!"

Directed by Ken Whittingham, U.S.

Aired January 4, 2007 (Season 2, Episode 12)

Earl and his friends reminisce while watching an episode of "Cops" shot in their town in 2003.

From an episode summary on, the scene involving a photobooth unfolds thusly:

Next up is Deputy Bob Smiley at the Quick Stop. Earl and Randy are helping themselves to the 'Get One Free' batteries and will come back shortly to pay for the 'Buy One' portion of the transaction. Behind them, the little photo booth is a-rocking back and forth (to the strains of "Afternoon Delight"). The little curtain opens and out comes the mailman, only now he has no eyepatch. Both his peepers seem to be working, as does Patty who follows him out of the booth. She says it's not what it appears to be, but the little pictures jutting out from the slot seem to prove otherwise. Randy kicks the deputy in the ankle and everyone escapes.

Contributed by Brian