One Tree Hill: "I Will Dare"

Directed by Tom Wright, US

Aired October 19, 2004 (Season 2, Episode 5)

Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Anna (Daniella Alonso) end up in a photobooth on a "dare night" set up by a classmate.

After getting help escaping mall security from Anna, he enlists her to help him with his dare: "Take a photo...with a a photo booth." We cut to a photo booth across the way in the mall, where the two strangers sit for photos. "Bonus points: Make out with the stranger."

This photobooth features the longest time between flashes, but somehow instantly produces photos. Lucas and Anna split the photos and go their separate ways.

As Lucas returns for the final point tallying, we find out that his photobooth photos would make him the winner of the dare night, but he holds onto them and doesn't submit them. Later that night, she looks at hers, he looks at his. They somehow seem to have ended up with the same halves, as the last photo of the strip featured her by herself, and neither of them has that photo.

The photos come back to exciting dramatic effect in a subsequent episode.

Contributed by Brian

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