The Wonder Years: "Summer Song"

Directed by Michael Dinner, U.S.

Aired October 3, 1989 (Season 3, Episode 1)

The Arnolds go to Ocean City for a summer trip and Kevin meets Teri, an older girl who takes a liking to him. In a classic summer boardwalk montage with the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice" on the soundtrack - an important fact to note, as exorbitant music clearance fees have prevented the show from appearing on DVD - features Kevin and Teri riding in bumper cars, trying out the claw machine, and posing in a photobooth.

Kevin is enthralled by the photos, as they are proof that he and Teri actually hung out that day, and in the final scene of the episode, as he reveals in voiceover that after one letter, he never heard from her again, the camera closes in on the (authentic) black and white photostrip sitting on his bedside table.

Contributed by Brian

"Earth to Kevin."

"I'm here, I'm just looking at the pictures."

"That's all you've been doing for the last hour."

[Voiceover]: "Even at 13 - sorry, 14 - I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to tell her I was gloating. Gloating that I now had proof that this night was real."

"I think we look neat together."