CBS Sunday Morning: "Smile!"

Directed by Bianca Strul, US

Aired March 13, 2005 ()

This segment of the CBS Sunday Morning show hosted by Charles Osgood focused on the resurgence of the photobooth in popular culture in recent years. Correspondent Bill Whitaker credited Hollywood, in the form of director Brett Ratner, as well as Paris Hilton, the Short Stop Bar, and Lucky Strike Lanes, for the recent rise in popularity of these "cheesy photobooths," as thy are called in the voiceover that opens the segment. Author Babbette Hines and Photo-Me's Sonny Pham are also interviewed, and the segment shows photobooth enthusiasts taking photos in booths in Los Angeles and New York.

Contributed by Brian

A little animated title to open the story, as three images of Charles Osgood emerge from a photobooth, reminiscent of the Hamburger Helper ad
Sample images on the outside of a booth, to emphasize how "old" these booths are.
A young photobooth user at the Short Stop, I believe, describing her desire to buy a booth for her house.
Around the photobooth at the Short Stop (though correct me if I'm wrong; it's not identified).
Looking at some photos outside the booth at Union Pool, Brooklyn, New York.
As Brett Ratner describes his photobooth, we see samples of photos from the book, including this one of Heidi Klum.
Ratner and Whitaker outside Ratner's photobooth.
Sonny Pham of Photo-Me watches as a technician services on of their photobooths.
Pham describing the popular job of photobooth technician when Hugh Hefner rents a booth.
Whitaker and Babbette Hines look through her book.
Inside Ratner's photobooth, Bill Whitaker mugs for the camera.
As the story ends, Whitaker's photos emerge from the booth.