The Tonight Show: "Phony Photobooth"


Aired December 1, 2005 ()

In what seems to be an ongoing skit on "The Tonight Show," Jay Leno describes an "actual photobooth" at Universal Hollywood that has been rigged with hidden cameras and a microphone (and speaker) to see how far people will go for free photos.

We see a photobooth from a hidden camera, and people enter, hoping for the advertised "Free Photos." When they sit in the booth, a woman's voice gives them instructions, but the subjects are unaware of the fact that they're being observed. Hilarity ensues.

At the end of each segment, we see a photostrip slide into the drying slot; it's a shot the editors inserted later on, featuring a pseudo-photostrip generated by a freeze-frame from the hidden camera inside the photobooth

Contributed by Brian

The photobooth, advertising FREE PHOTOS.
A group of interested people investigate the photobooth.
Two girls sit down in the photobooth and realize that the machine is talking to them.
Cut to the faked strip falling into the slot.
Two boys sit in the photobooth, and the one on the left impatiently hits the wall of the booth when it doesn't start taking their pictures. When the woman's voice informs the boys that security has been notified, they scram.
The photostrip shows the boys hurrying out.
Another couple in the booth is told they've won a $5000 prize, and attempts to write down their winning number...which goes on and on and on.
A family is told by the voice of the photobooth that the pictures won't be taken until the entire family is inside the booth.
After filing in, the family leaves, and one kid is left standing on the seat.
After a number of other people are asked to do silly things (and do) in the booth, the episode closes.