Men Behaving Badly: "Jamie Needs a Kid"

Directed by Michael Zinberg, U.S.

Aired February 5, 1997 (Season 1, Episode 13)

Kevin (Ron Eldard) and Sarah (Justine Bateman) come up with a list of sexual fantasies to try out in this secondary subplot while Jamie (Rob Schneider) tries to meet women by pretending he has a child.

They settle for a photobooth rather than an elevator, but find that their photos seem to get stuck, only to come out after they leave. The photos are found by a strange guy who then puts them up on the front of the booth.

It's an odd looking photobooth, unlike any I've ever seen before, and for no apparent reason, it's decorated with regular 4" x 6" snapshots.

Contributed by Brian

"Let's do that one...let's...find us an elevator."
"That photobooth."
"Naah, the pictures always come out all fuzzy... OK."
"God, we look awful."
"These are yours."
"I like the third one the best."
"Kevin, they went in after us. I think our photos are stuck in there."