A Katie Couric Special: "The 411: Teens & Sex"


Aired January 26, 2005 ()

In this Katie Couric special on teens and sex, she begins by showing the kids goofing off in a photobooth, only to contrast that youthful innocence with the mature topics these kids seem all too familiar with. Couric says, "Don't change the channel. Even If you don't want to think about it, kids are hearing and talking about it a lot these days. The question is how many are actually doing it?"

In a somewhat related note, read an article about two adults who took the combination of photobooths and sex a little too far...

Contributed by Brian

"In a good old fashioned photobooth brought in for the weekend, they look like kids."
"Fresh-faced, spontaneous, and silly."
"But when we broached a certain subject..."
"...these kids suddenly seemed very grown up."