The Unit: "Games of Chance"

Directed by Terrence O'Hara, U.S.

Aired February 20, 2007 (Season 2, Episode 16)

In this episode of the David Mamet-produced series, the unit travels to Germany to take part in the annual Counter Terrorism Games. Part of the team's mission is to hijack a U-bahn train, and while scoping out station, Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert) hides in a photobooth. The episode seems to have been shot in a Red Line station on the Los Angeles Metro, and the photobooth doesn't look much like a German fotoautomat, but it is a nice rounded-end Model 9 or Model 11.

Check out this write-up for more details.

Thanks to Gary for the tip.

Contributed by Brian

Jonas (Dennis Haysbert) heads to a photobooth in the U-bahn station.
Jonas heads into the photobooth which features both black and white and color photostrips.
Jonas draws the curtain
A perfect vantage from which to spy.
Later on in the episode, we see the booth in the corner of the station.
Folks rush out of the station past the photobooth as the exercise becomes a real emergency