The Time of Your Life: "Episode 6"

Directed by David Blair, U.K.

Aired July 23, 2007 (6)

In this, the final episode of the six-part ITV series about Kate, a woman who wakes up from a coma and wonders about a boy who died on the night she fell into that coma, Kate (Genevieve O'Reilly) decides to get away from it all by going on a trip. A travel agent friend suggests she go get photos for her new passport while he makes up a list of possible destinations for her. She goes outside and steps into a photobooth, but as the flashes go off, she flashes back to that fateful night.

We'll let the (Glasgow) Herald TV critic David Belcher take over from here, in his July 24, 2007 review of the episode entitled "Saved only by a magic photo booth":

There was something else good, too. With tragic foolishness, however, The Time of Your Life wasted its USP: the show only offered us a few brief shots of Kate utilising Britain's last fully-functioning street-corner Photo-Me booth (these wondrous machines used to lurk in the darkest corner of every Woolworth's branch or on railway station concourses, but now they're as extinct as Brian).

And not only did Kate find Britain's last fully-functioning street-corner Photo-Me booth: it was actually a magic time-travelling Photo-Me booth - a Harry Potter movie cast-off? - that allowed her to see more clearly into the past, recalling the events of that awful night down by the river. And then - miraculously - after Kate had pushed aside this contraption's curtain and stumbled out, shocked, the bally thing spookily printed a picture of the late Brian, who of course hadn't been in the booth! Or not so miraculously, given that Photo-Me booth portraits never truly resembled the folk posing for them.

But I digress. Time-travelling Photo-Me booths cry out for more use in TV dramas. They should not be spurned. The Time of Your Life: too much time passing too slowly, nowhere near enough life.

Contributed by Brian