The Princess Diaries

Garry Marshall (US, 2001, 123 min.)

This "modern day fairy tale" rides heavily on the presence of Mary Poppins/Maria, Julie Andrews, as well as the newly-anointed Disney poster-girl Anne Hathaway. Andrews plays Clarisse Renaldi, also known as Queen of Genovia, a Luxembourg-esque European nation situated somewhere near Andorra. Hathaway plays Mia Thermopolis, her grand-daughter and current high school geek who lives in a converted fire station in San Francisco. Mia wrestles with the news that she is next in line for the throne of Genovia as well as with a string of typical high school issues such as her love life and her hair.

After wreaking havoc at a state dinner, Mia and Queen Clarisse take some time off from royalty lessons and hit the town, with Mia as tour guide. Armed with quarters, they stop at the Muse Mcanique to play some games of skill and take some photos.

Contributed by Brian

As soon as Queen Clarisse wins her arm-wrestling match, the scene shifts to the exterior of a photobooth, where Mia picks up a strip of photos that have just been developed.
Mia examines the goofy poses.
The Queen surveys the damage as well.
She determines she needs one photo as a souvenir, and takes the first one.
And she returns the other three photos to Mia to live in some corner of her loft bedroom in the tower of the fire station.
Later on in the film, we see the photo Queen Clarisse took as a souvenir, framed and sitting on her desk. Unfortunately, as a number of movie gaffe sites have noted, a brief glance will tell you it's not the same photo as the one she ripped off the strip at the Muse Mcanique.