Cosi parlo Bellavista

Luciano De Crescenzo (Italy, 1984, 105 min.)

Marco let us know about this Italian film, made up of "some short episodes on how people from Naples try to find different ways of surviving the misery, poverty, and mafia. It's difficult to explain it if you don't live it; Naples is a difficult city, with problems, mafia, unemployed people but also full of history, art, people ready to welcome you."

Thanks for the tip and for the line by line translation, Marco!

Contributed by Brian

"Welcome, do you need to take photos? For passport? No? So we take four photos, each one different from the other. Wait a moment because before you there was a short man and we have to put down the seat. Done, take your seat."
"No, no donít go too forward if not youíll came out with a nose like a pepper."
"No no, your 1,000 lire notes are not good. Theyíre not good, this is a sensitive machine."
"With these we donít have problems. My wife irons them every morning. Insert them. Then we count at the end how much it is."
"Done? Now comb your hair."
"Done? Letís go to the program."
"If you want a suggestion I would do the first two shots in a serious way, like an employer, for a card, passport, general documents - they always can be useful. I would do the other two in an artistic way, for beauty contests, castingsÖmaybe for wives, girlfriends, secret loversÖ do you have a lover? You should, you should have one."
"When youíre ready say READY and I'll push the button. READY?"



"You really look good. Donít move!"
"Change: seductive smile! In front of you thereís a beautiful girl desiring you! GO!"
"Change: big laughs, great happiness, you won the lottery [he literally talks about guessing the final scores of 13 first league football matches] and the Napoli soccer team has won the championship! GO!"
"Youíre really good!"
"That's 3,000 lire."
"But wasnít it 2,000 lire?"
"Yes, for the technical side. Then there are 1,000 lire for the direction." ["Director" is written on his hat]
"Wait here, the photos are coming out soon."
Then with friends, the "director" signals how he fooled the guy.
"You came out as you really look."