Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story

John L'Ecuyer (Canada, 2004, 88 min.)

This Canadian television movie tells a story, based on a true story, about Marc Hall (Aaron Ashmore), a gay high schooler who wants to bring his boyfriend, Jason (Mac Fyfe), to the prom at his Catholic high school. His fight captures the attention of the nation's media, and Hall becomes a well-known figure.

At one point during a party at the Hall house, Jason wanders upstairs to Marc's bedroom and sees a strip of photos of Marc and a previous boyfriend stuck into the mirror.

Thanks to Ricky for the tip.

Contributed by Brian

Jason heads to the mirror; note the photostrip in the upper right corner of the frame.
As Jason looks at the crucifix, we see the two photostrips - strangely enough, two copies of the same photostrip - in the mirror.
Jason sees the strips and tightens his jaw.
The focus of the camera moves from the pictures to Jason.