Feeling Minnesota

Steven Baigelman (US, 1996, 99 min.)

Keanu Reeves, Vincent D'Onofrio, and Cameron Diaz team up in this forgettable love triangle road trip small-time crook story: Jjaks - no, that's not a typo - (Reeves) runs off with Freddie (Diaz), stealing her from older brother Sam (D'Onofrio) after the couple's wedding.

As they make their getaway, Jjaks and Freddie stop at a photobooth magically located in a shack with a soda machine in the middle of a park. They take a set of photos, and we get a camera's-eye view of the photo shoot as it happens.

The photostrip re-appears one more time near the end of the film, stuck in Freddie's Las Veags dressing-room mirror, next to a signed photo of Ann-Margret. This appearance was the key to finding this photobooth appearance; no web searches turned up this film, but one night, after coming in from a photobooth crawl in Chicago, I sat down, turned on the TV, and this movie, at this scene, appeared on the screen. Woah.

Contributed by Brian

The first flash goes off in the photobooth, sitting under a roof next to a Coke machine.
Closing in on the booth, we see the tell-tale sample photos.
A metal slit and plastic basket seem a little out of place, but perhaps some photobooths were designed this way.
Our first glimpse of the couple under the curtain.
Freddie sits on Jjaks' lap; she looks at the camera while he stares at her, trying to comprehend.
Freddie poses while Jjaks looks around.
And that pose is captured for all time by the camera.
I guess they're "Feeling Minnesota."
Some faked photobooth shots slip out of the machine and into the conveniently transparent basket.
I guess we didn't see every pose, as this one doesn't ring a bell.
The photostrip, and Ann-Margret, on Freddie's mirror.