Terminal Velocity

Deran Sarafian (US, 1994, 102 min.)

The winning combination of American and European acting royalty - Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski - lead this story of skydiving and Russian mobsters. "Ditch" Brodie (Sheen) takes Chris Morrow (Kinski) out for an afternoon of skydiving, and when she jumps early and her chute doesn't open, she falls to the ground with a thud. But the story isn't that simple...

Chris isn't dead (but we won't give away just why not), and near the end of the film, she spots a way to clear his name without revealing herself. She finds a beautiful photobooth, grabs a nearby newspaper, and steps in.

A few minutes later, we see "Ditch" open up his wallet to pay for his bus ticket out of town, and in it, he finds a folded up photostrip.

Thanks to Gary for the tip.

Contributed by Brian

A very nice looking photobooth - it's too bad it doesn't get much screen time.
Chris grabs a paper nearby.
She looks injto the mirror on the outside of the booth.
As Chris goes in, we see the sign on the outside of the booth. The first looks legitimate...
...while this one looks a little off.
"Ditch" finds the photo in his wallet.
The faked photo we see shows Chris employing the old "if I've got a newspaper dated after I supposedly died, I'm not really dead and my killer is innocent" trick.
"Dutch" studies the photo, trying to divine its meaning.