The Trilogy: On the Run

Lucas Belvaux (France, 2002, 117 min.)

In this first part of Lucas Belvaux's trilogy, Bruno, played by Belvaux himself, takes photos in a photobooth to make a new identity for himself. On the run from the police as well as those he is intent on taking down after he escapes from prison, Bruno uses a variety of disguises to help himself stay unrecognized. The red hair and beard as well as the mustache and goatee are both disguises, and he uses the photos from the photobooth to create new identity cards and passports. He's never shown using the passports in the film, but early on in the movie, we get a "disguise" montage in which he takes photos, makes fake IDs and even presses himself a new license plate. These images are from the preview to the film.

Contributed by Brian

The first photo, with beard.
Waiting for the second photo.
The second photo, no beard.
The photos arrive.