Christoph Stark (Germany, 2001, 100 min.)

Julietta (Lavinia Wilson) and her boyfriend Jiri (Matthias Koeberlin) meet up at the swirling mass of humanity that is the Berlin Love Parade. Lots of other things happen in the film (getting lost, becoming unconscious, becoming pregnant, etc.), but the photobooth sequence happens very early on in the film.

Escaping the bustle of the parade for a moment, the couple sneak into a closed subway station. After whooping and hollering in the cavernous space for awhile, they happen upon the photobooth and head inside for some mischief.

Soon, two policemen patrolling the station pass by on their rounds, and Julietta and Jiri barely escape, managing to take their photos with them at the last minute.

Contributed by Brian

Jiri puts his DM into the machine.
The lovely couple pose for their first shot.
The flash goes off, reducing their faces to a few features.
It's the Love Parade, so they go for the appropriate shot next.
Then comes Jiri's silly face...
Captured by the next flash.
Juliette's laughing reaction is the last we see before things begin to get crazy.
Now both kids are on the floor, and Juliette's arm is all we see.
Jiri's shoe is captured in another shot.
The camera cuts to the outside of the booth as the photos pile up in the drying slot.
That's a lot of photos.
Julietta peers outside, as two guards come nearer on the patrol of the empty station.
After spotting the policemen, Julietta tries to quiet Jiri.
After quickly getting themselves decent, they rush out of the booth.
Jiri wisely darts back to pick up the photos as the police give chase.