Foto Booth

A commercial for Lincoln Automotive

Produced by Young & Rubicam, Aired 2004, US

In this advertisement for Lincoln's twin gas-guzzling behemoths the Navigator and Aviator, a photobooth helps a prospective SUV buyer choose which one he'd look best in. Because that's what it's all about, right?

From Ford's official description: "Light-hearted in tone, the ad shows a young professional snapping photos of himself and trying to sort out which of the two SUVs suits him best. "From a great choice to a tough decision," says the narrator."

The photobooth is an interesting concoction. It has featured that look familiar, but the photos it produces are either faked or very unorthodox indeed, and the delivery mechanism is new to us, as well.

This is the commercial I saw on TV in May of 2004, and finally found online a year later. View the commercial at the Wieck Media Ford site.

Contributed by Brian

The elusive "photobooth on the street," accompanied, once again, by a mechanical horse ride for the kids. This marks at least the third commercial (in addition to PBS and PETCO) that shows an animal ride next to a photobooth.
Close in on a man's feet, visible below the curtain.
The flash goes off.
And out come the photos, a strange landscape-oriented set of obviously digital photos with a laughably wide white border. An interesting delivery mechanism, too, perfect for TV.
The man takes his photos and turns around.
He cuts the strip in half, and two photos fall to the ground.
He trims around his head, which since the last shot has mysteriously gained a flat cap that he was not wearing when he took the photos, nor do we see it on the photos when they first come out. But it's certainly a better look, one has to admit.
Holding the trimmed photo at arm's length, he superimposes it over the Lincoln parked across the street to help imagine what he'd look like in it.
A look of skepticism and pleasure at the same time.
Back into the booth for more photos.