David Mamet (US, 2004, 106 min.)

A strip of photo booth photos plays a small but important role in David Mamet's political thriller that tells the story of a kidnapping from Cambridge, MA to the palaces of Dubai. In search of a the President's kidnapped daughter (Kristen Bell), Scott (Val Kilmer) meets the Secret Service agent who raised the girl in her parents' absence. The woman shows Scott a strip of photos of the two of them in a photo booth, which he takes with him on his search. In a gunfight that concludes the film, when the girl is unsure who's on her side, Scott's fellow agent, Jackie Black (Tia Texada), shows the girl the photo to prove that she's in safe hands.

Contributed by Brian

Scott sees the photos of the agent and the President's daughter.
He pulls the photos out of the earring case and turns them over.
Laura's handwritten message on the back.
After pulling Laura to safety, Jackie shows Laura the photos to prove her case.
Laura pulls out the photos in disbelief.
Time to board the private jet and attempt to figure out another Mamet-ian plot twist.