Paris, Texas

Wim Wenders (France, West Germany, 1984, 147 min.)

This modern classic, a collaboration between director Wim Wenders and screnwriter Sam Shepard, stars Harry Dean Stanton as Travis, a man who walks out of the desert with little memory of his past. He is reintroduced to his son Hunter (Hunter Carson), and together they search for Hunter's mother, Jane (Nastassja Kinski).

As he tucks Hunter in, Travis hands his son two photos from a photostrip showing Hunter, his dad, and his mother, whom the boy doesn't remember very well. Hunter tucks the photos under his pillow. Later in the film, as they stake out a bank where they know she'll stop, Hunter pulls out the photos to look at them again.

Contributed by Brian

Travis hands his son the photos.
Hunter looks at them and asks his father about his mom.
He tucks the photos under his pillow.
We see the photos as he pulls his hand back.
Sitting outside the bank, Hunter looks at the photos once again.