Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Fran Rubel Kuzui (US, 1992, 86 min.)

Lots of teen cliches and silliness in this campy comedy. I have no experience with this film or with the series it inspired, but any film that features Donald Sutherland, Rutger Hauer, Paul Reubens, and an uncredited Ben Affleck is worth noting.

Contributed by Brian

Pike (Luke Perry), riding his motorcycle on the sidewalk, catches up with Buffy (Kristy Swanson) in front of a photo booth after her mentor, played by Donald Sutherland, has been killed.
As Pike tries to convince Buffy she should be dealing with the undead rather than shopping for a dress for the high school dance, she responds, "I'm the chosen one, and I choose to be shopping."
Luke Perry, doing his darnedest to further his role as the second coming of James Dean, spins out on the sidewalk and screams off into the Southern California night.
Little did they know that someone has been in the photo booth, overhearing their discussion. The flash goes off as soon as Buffy and Pike leave.
Pike's friend Benny (David Arquette), recently turned into a vampire, emerges from the photobooth, which appears to offer only three photos per strip.
Benny makes note of Buffy's status as "the chosen one," offers a nasty smile, and leaves.
There seems to be a good deal of discussion as to whether vampires can be photographed or not; in this case, the answer is no. Why the photos emerge outside the drying gate is another matter altogether...