Alice in the Cities

Wim Wenders (West Germany, 1974, 110 min.)

As writer Philip Winter (Rüdiger Vogler) struggles with writer's block and tries to return to Germany from the U.S., he meets Alice (Yella Rottländer) and her mother at the Pan Am ticket counter in New York. He and Alice fly to Amsterdam, and after it's clear her mother won't be joining them, they go off in search of Alice's grandmother.

As they drive around Germany with little to go on, they stop at a photobooth and take a set of photos. Later on, as they pass through the Ruhrgebiet looking for the house, Alice looks at the strip in the car, and later, in a hotel.

The film features many different types of mechanized image-making, from televisions in hotel rooms and airports to the coin-operated telescopes on the top of the Empire State Building and travelogue filmstrip viewers in a German train station.

Thanks to Klaas for the tip.

Contributed by Klaas and Brian