The Fugitive

Andrew Davis (US, 1993, 130 min.)

Harrison Ford stars as the title character in this classic '90s thriller with the unique distinction of being inspired by a television series and spawning its own subsequent series. In the film, Ford's character, Dr. Richard Kimble, spends the bulk of the film tracking down the man who killed his wife in order to clear his own name as the prime suspect in the killing.

Trying to find a lead on a prosthetic arm worn by the killer, Kimble heads to Cook County Hospital to investigate. In order to get in, he disguises himself as a custodian, complete with green jumpsuit and hospital i.d. Needing a photo for the i.d., he hops into a nearby photobooth to snap a few photos.

Contributed by Brian

Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford), with the requisite serious, dour face, sits in the booth.
The first flash goes off as Kimble looks to the side, impatient for the photos to take.
The first blink.
Only for a man in a hurry like Dr. Kimble can a photobooth session seem like a sluggish endeavor.
What face to make next?
Perhaps Kimble's only smile in the movie.
That hurt.
Out come the photos.
Kimble's do-it-yourself home i.d. kit
Enter Jose, the latest member of the Cook County Hospital custodial staff.